Documentary: “Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song“

[First posted at Yesterday.SG, 3 Mar 2008]

Ivan Chew - ProfileI’m not old enough to have experienced the vibrant Singapore music scene in the ’60s. But I’m old enough (or perhaps “young enough”?) to identify with the rock/ metal scene in the ’80s.

At least, I had some recognition of the songs, the bands, the musicians. I definitely got goosebumps as I sat mesmerised, reading Billy’s post and watching the documentary (posted in three parts in YouTube):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The title of the “rockumentary” has its namesake from a song by the Padres.

The film was a Final Year Project by a trio of NTU students five years ago. Billy’s post has the details.

Growing up then, I remember hearing some — just a few — of the featured songs on radio (the interviewees featured in the video repeatedly said there was little support from local radio).

In truth, I wouldn’t have bought most of the music then. ‘Cos I didn’t have much money as a student, and not all the music was my cup of tea.

But one’s perspectives changes with time, I suppose.

If someone were to compile the music from that period and make it available as a CD, I’d buy it now without hesitation.

I’d listen to it.

And savour the music from that era in Singapore’s (hidden) musical heritage.

Even the Death/ Trash Metal songs.

And my favourite track, without a doubt, would be the Padre’s “Radio Station Forgot to Play My Favourite Song”.