Creative Commons contribution for the month: One World title track

I know we’ve already adopted and displayed CC licenses on all our posts featuring the songs. I’m just toying with the idea of making an explicit contribution. A Creative Commons contribution for the month.

Although I’ve to admit it sounds kind of lame, since every song we compose and release in this blog is CC-licensed.

We’ll see.

Here’s the title track from our second album.

Stream/ download this track at Other Starfish Stories albums, here.

Creative Commons LicenseUnless otherwise stated, all music and creative works by Starfish Stories : The Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Based on works at

Please ATTRIBUTE the music to in your website or printed materials (if any). As long as you do that, you are FREE to USE, COPY, SHARE, MODIFY, or SELL any of the songs from this album. Feel free to contact us for clarifications or permissions beyond the scope of this license.

~ Ivan