Lingfeng reviews “2009 One World One Moment”

2009 One World One MomentOur first reviewer for OWOM, Lingfeng! She posted this comment:

The 1st time I listened to the album, I felt that the beats were much stronger here (a bit more “electric”?) as compared to your last album, which was more “light” & soothing.

As for individual pieces, my favourite is “The Hill” although it seems quite different from all the rest, maybe because of the bagpipes (Hmm…maybe you could have put it up as a bonus track). It’s lighter, has an airy feel and somehow, I felt like I’m in some folktale. Anyway, I already liked it when you posted it earlier. I liked “Surfing on Solar Winds” and “Drifting” as well.

Btw, that’s a cool cover!

Thanks for taking time to listen and write a review, Lingfeng (btw, she also reviewed our 1st album).

In response to Lingfeng’s comment about “stronger beats”, I guess Adrian and I subconsciously took to heart from the reviews to our previous album. Most agreed that the songs in SeaStars 2007 could do with some variation in tempos.

So I think or OWOM, we tried to make this album a more varied sound experience.

I’ll burn a MP3 CD for you, Lingfeng (with the high bit-rate tracks, plus the Music Video, and the SeaStars 2007 tracks… and maybe a couple of bonus tracks too — let me think about the bonus tracks, heh).

~ Ivan