From Dave Weiner: Recording fundamentals, equipment and setup

Very informative video tutorials from Dave Weiner‘s Riff Of The Week series. Even though I use so-called “virtual equipment”, i.e. software instruments and digital simulations of amps and effects, I found the tutorials a great help in boosting my understanding of recording fundamentals.

Increasingly, digital music interfaces are modeled after physical ones. For instance, in GarageBand ’06 and ’08, when you adjust a stomp box effect setting, you adjust the slider. On a real stomp box, you turn a knob. In GarageBand ’09 (I’ve not tried it but saw it at demos like this one), the interface shows a stomp box and you turn a knob like the real physical thing.

Anyway, check out the videos below. It was the closest thing for me to attending sound engineering school (not that I know what they teach at sound engineering school… never attended one):

Recording Acoustic Guitar (28 Nov 2007)

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