Song: “I Wonder (2008)”

I had this tune (for the rhythm) in my head and recorded a few notes in GarageBand. Then realised my opening sounded like Pachelbel’s Canon! Except I’d recorded in “C” key rather than “D”.

Not that I played it like how this guy did it. My background melody was closer to the original classical composition Canon in D opening melody.

Maybe you won’t notice it, ‘cos it’s quite subtle. I didn’t intentionally model this song after Pachelbel’s. Once my song starts, it’s nothing like the classical piece. What I wanted was to compose a soothing and relaxing guitar instrumental piece. Here goes:
“I Wonder (2008)” Listen/ download the higher quality versions at ARCHIVE.ORG

I recorded the Grand Piano track first, followed by the Orchestra Strings (using GarageBand built-in instruments). The drums was modified from the “Relaxed Drum Groove” loop. Then the “live” guitars.
I Wonder (2008)

There’s only two guitar effects for this song: “West Coast Wah” and the “Thick Jazz” default effects (manual Gate and Visual Equaliser adjustments).

I decided on the West Coast Wah effect after toying with other electric lead/ amp effects. Decided that the default Wah gave the song a fitting relaxed groove. I didn’t layer the guitar tracks too much or try to shred, since the Wah effect would give that sort of (what I’d call) “tonal complexity” to the song.
Auto Wah setting ("I Wonder 2008")

I tweaked the measures and moved some “bars” around. Then I added one more Orchestral String layer (for the break). Finally added the “live” bass.

OK, if you liked this song, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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Steve Vai – Tender Surrender


Steve Vai now has an official YouTube channel.

This video shows us the kind of mastery he has over the instrument. Watch what I mean, from the 3 minute mark:

Yet another reminds why we are mere mortals compared to him.

~ Ivan

New song: Twilight (2008)

When I sent the draft version to Kevin, he reminded me that Twilight” is also the series title of the currently super-popular book by Stephenie Meyer.

But no, I didn’t have Stephenie Meyer in mind when I named this song.

Just felt that it’s a song about “transitions”, the in-between period between day and night, i.e. Twilight. But a transition that is looking towards the positive.

[Twilight Moon
Originally uploaded by versageek]

Ah, enough idle musing. Listen to the song instead.

Warning: It’s loud!

“TWILIGHT (2008)”Listen/ download the higher quality versions at ARCHIVE.ORG

[Update: A sample of the basic harp/ celtic flute melody can be downloaded at]

Adrian heard the draft version and said it was little noisy at some parts. So I lowered the distortion levels. He also said a bass would give the song some “backbone”, so I did what I could with my limited bass guitar skills.

Twilight (2008)

I like this song.

Hope you enjoy it too. Let me know what you think of it.

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