Stems – I-Ling’s “Heart of Steel (a cappella)”

A preview/ vocal stems uploaded by I-Ling:

The full set of stems can be found at this page. Which has been remixed several times already. Nice.

I-Ling shared more of her thoughts on this set of stems, here.

Deftones – Hole In The Earth

Discovered Deftones after watching a link (posted in Facebook by someone else, which another friend linked…)

This particular song is all these at the same time: melodious, sad, uplifting, gritty/ rock.


Wished I could write songs like that.

Maybe I should try.

Deftones is at YouTube channel, here. This Wikipedia entry covers more about their history, influences, and discography.

~ Ivan

Discussing music via video chat

video starfish

Ivan and I were discussing on gmail video chat and then on skype (which had better connectivity) about the 2nd album which is to be called One World, One Moment”. The third album is tentatively called “The Mangrove Tree” although this might change.

Ivan’s been pretty productive so its gonna be tricky compiling this one cos only half will be collaborative. But still the music and mash-ups are a step up from seastars the album.

We are still thinking of a distinctive sound for the music and Ivan hit the nail on the head by mentioning the word mindfulness. Its the general philosophy that the music is built upon

Ivan‘s notes of discussion:

1) Themes/ issues.
e.g. “SeaStars”, “The Mangrove Tree”, “One World, One Moment” (moods)
Issues – e.g Human Rights, Violence, “how screwed up this world is”

2) Musical Philosophy – Mindfulness. period

3) Musical Style – (still exploring)
To me, this is best understood by others through the vocals and instrument sounds they hear. What is this, I’m not sure what. Currently I feel there’s a possible blend of “read aloud poetry” and Asian instruments.

Adrian Loo - Profile ~ Adrian Loo

Ideas for the new album

Adrian Loo - Profile

I was thinking about the new album and trying to give it some form of direction or theme. So late one night, it occurred to me as I thought of the name for the band “Starfish Stories” – why not write the next set of songs to fit into a story. I can imagine its going to be sort of an extension of that boy who threw the starfish back into the ocean. What did he do after that. I would like to imagine that he went on an adventure and of course that the world he was in was a bit different. Something like the little prince but of course different, with a distinct story line and with musicals to fit the moods.

Here’s what I jotted down in an email to Ivan one day.

“I was thinking that perhaps…. perhaps we could thread the songs of the next album into a story. A story about a boy on a journey, meeting friends, facing some difficulties, coming up with philosophies along the way.

It would be an avenue for you to feature artwork (old or new) and for us to imagine.

just a thot that needed to be jotted down.”

So this album will be like a storyline with music and hopefully Ivan’s nice artwork. Basket, that guy’s talented man.

~ Adrian