About the band

Starfish Stories: The Band is made up of two three Singaporeans. They make music probably as catharsis for their day-jobs.

It started as two guys who attended Secondary School together some 20 years ago (as of this post). Other than being school mates, they weren’t close buddies or anything like that. Which might have explained why they didn’t keep in touch after that.

Years passed. One of them got himself a PhD. and the other a MSc.

Serendipitously in 2007, one of them recognised a familiar name in an email that he was about to discard unread. After reconnecting, they discovered a shared interest in music and mucking around on their Macs (GarageBand, to be specific). Four months later, without rehearsals, jamming or studio time (does a Mac count as a studio?), they released their first Creative Commons licensed digital album.

StarFish Stories :: The Band 09

They have no formal musical training.

But went ahead and did the album anyway.

Because they could.

And they figured they might as well give themselves a band name.

Then two became Three. Suddenly, the band had class!

The lady in the band described herself a regular office worker who was “resuscitating her college dream of writing and singing original songs”. She does not play a musical instrument. She talks a lot. It has to do with her work, not because she’s female (these were her own words, OK?)

Adrian, Ivan and I-Ling would be flattered if you download their music. Or use the music from Starfish Stories in your videos or school projects. Here’s how you can credit them.

Feel free to leave them a comment, or send your fan mails their way at starfishstories[at]gmail.com.

They wouldn’t mind even if you tell them they should keep their day-jobs. Hey, at least you bothered to listen to their music. Cheers!