Remix – “Into Thy Heart”

I was thinking “Enya” as I worked on I-Ling’s ccMixter stems. I wasn’t able to do something with her main vocals. So I toyed with her backing pells instead. I imported the track into my iPad (converted to AIFF) and then mucked around with the iPad’s GarageBand. Experimented with piano, orchestra strings and clean electric guitar layers. Utilised the automatic chords in the GB iPad app (I couldn’t have played them so precisely). Finally exported to my iMac and tweaked the mix with Logic Express.

Here’s the remix titled “Into Thy Heart”:

The instrumental track uploaded here, under a CC-BY license.

~ Ivan

Stems – I-Ling’s “Heart of Steel (a cappella)”

A preview/ vocal stems uploaded by I-Ling:

The full set of stems can be found at this page. Which has been remixed several times already. Nice.

I-Ling shared more of her thoughts on this set of stems, here.