Fleet Foxes: The band

Yo, Adrian! You have to listen to this group — www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes
MySpace.com - Fffffllle eeeee  et t Fffff oxxxes

My favourites tracks are Mykonos, White Winter Hymnal, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song…


It’s confirmed.

I’ve just become a fan.

Sub Pop Records - Fleet FoxesIn this article at http://www.subpop.com, they shared where they draw inspiration for their music:

“… We try to draw from the traditions of folk music, pop, choral music and gospel, baroque psychedelic, sacred harp singing, West Coast music, traditional music from Ireland to Japan, and film scores, and are inspired by the music of our friends and contemporaries in the Seattle music family.”

Their songs remind me of the carefree, even slightly bitter sweet, memories of younger and more innocent times (I was born in the 70s).


If you like songs from the 70s, I think you’ll also become a fan.

Their music, from what I hear from their MySpace page, reminds me of this specific song “California Dreaming” by The Mamas And The Papas (yes, they really are called that).

Now where can I buy Fleet Foxes CDs in Singapore?

~ Ivan

Resource: Soundsnap.com

This online resource would come in very handy if we want to source for free soundclips and loops.

It’s called Soundsnap.com:
Find and Share Free Sound Effects and Loops

From the website:

What is Soundsnap?
Soundsnap is the best platform to find and share free sound effects and loops- legally. It is a collection of original sounds made or recorded by its users, and not songs or sound FX found on commercial libraries or sample CD’s.

It was originally started by a small group of sound people from all over the world. Our common belief is that sounds and samples should be free for everyone to use in their projects, commercial or not.

Our users are a diverse mix of sound designers, sound artists, web game developers, filmmakers and music producers. Hobbyists and home video makers are welcome too.

Learned about this resource via Murm.

~ Ivan

Song: If You Were A Dance

Ivan Chew - ProfileI let a few people listen to this new song I wrote and sang. They didn’t puke. So here it is:

Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Lyrics, chords and a Minus-One version here.

I let my wife listen to the song.

She replied by way of singing, “So ‘why do you keep singing this song‘?”

“That’s not the lyrics,” I said.

Apparently, my wife heard me sing the song so many times (I was recording take after take, so get the singing right) that she just had to rub it in.


Well I ain’t no singer.

Adrian and I have always maintained that if anyone wants to be our guest singer, we’re game!

~ Ivan
p.s. To my dear wife, I’m dedicating this song to you anyway 🙂