Remixed: Stolen Dreams

Received a notification that Adrian‘s Stolen Dreams stems (see this earlier blog post), has been remixed. TWICE! Courtesy of CSoul.

Have a listen:

“A Blasted Life”link

ccMixter - A Blasted Life

“Move Alone to New Life” – link

ccMixter - Move Alone to New Life

Oh, the three of us finally met up for a long-overdue makan meetup. Among other things that has happened in our lives, I-Ling‘s moved to a different job; Adrian’s preparing for a talk at a Biology Symposium; I’ve got a new dog.

Adrian reminded about The Mangrove Tree album (heh, so rare that he’s chasing me for music LOL). I said we have enough tracks. But missing the vocals (I-Ling, yo!)

~ Ivan