Double Down Up Guitar Technique In Detail by Brad Davis

“It’s the simplest, hardest thing you’ll ever learn for your right hand…” ~ Brad Davis.

His words reminded me of this quote from: Jam! Amp Your Team, Rock Your Business/ Jeff Carlisi & Dan Lipson

P10. “The great guitarist Larry Carlton once told me that his philosophy toward the guitar was simple: “Play what you love, but practice what you must.””

~ Ivan

Song: Old Man and the Sea II

This track would go into our upcoming “The Mangrove Tree” album. Thanks to panu moon for granting me permission to release this under a CC-BY license.


Creative Commons LicenseOld Man and the Sea II by Ivan Chew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Please credit to “Ivan Chew –“. And I’d appreciate if you also credit “panu moon –“.

This song was inspired by panu’s celtic-sounding guitar piece.

panu moon is an Atlanta-based songwriter, and popular ccMixter contributor. I’ve never met him but I kind feel like we’re friends.

I got to know him from our interactions at ccMixter. He gave me some tips on mixing and mastering tracks.

Making friends from music.

This is what it’s all about.

man + sea
Originally uploaded by sgrace

Additional details of this track at MyRightBrain.

~ Ivan

Creative Commons contribution for the month: One World title track

I know we’ve already adopted and displayed CC licenses on all our posts featuring the songs. I’m just toying with the idea of making an explicit contribution. A Creative Commons contribution for the month.

Although I’ve to admit it sounds kind of lame, since every song we compose and release in this blog is CC-licensed.

We’ll see.

Here’s the title track from our second album.

Stream/ download this track at Other Starfish Stories albums, here.

Creative Commons LicenseUnless otherwise stated, all music and creative works by Starfish Stories : The Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. Based on works at

Please ATTRIBUTE the music to in your website or printed materials (if any). As long as you do that, you are FREE to USE, COPY, SHARE, MODIFY, or SELL any of the songs from this album. Feel free to contact us for clarifications or permissions beyond the scope of this license.

~ Ivan

Song: Good-night Not Good-bye II (2009)

Another collaborative effort made possible with Creative Commons and Public Domain materials. And most of all, some very talented and generous people.

I’m dedicating this song to a perfect stranger, who’s a close kin of this friend.

It’s also a dedication to all those who’ve experienced the very human feeling of loss and grief. And of closure and remembrance.

It’s never Goodbye.

GOOD-NIGHT NOT GOOD-BYE v2.1Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore. Download at ARCHIVE.ORG. As long as you link back to this post, feel free to copy/ file-share/ distribute/ remix this track. Please credit to “Ivan Chew –” and the following authors:

Peace. Originally posted by .m for matthijs under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

Huge thanks to MyVanillaWorld for providing her excellent vocals to this earlier track. Details, here.

~ Ivan