Song demo: “Saying Goodnight”

Here’s a song-in-progress:

DEMO: “Saying Goodnight” Listen/ download at

A guitar & jazz drum track that I intend to use as a background track. Based on a 4/4 time signature, 102 bps.

Any volunteers who’d like to add a vocal or instrumental layer on top of this?

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~ Ivan

One World (Paralympic Games edit)

Received an email from Firdaus about an effort to compile a Singapore Paralympic Team CD Album.

Here’s my contribution:
ONE WORLD (Paralympic Games edit)Listen/ download at ARCHIVE.ORG

The organisers of this initiative, Desmond and Jackie of Musical Theatre Limited, were asking songwriters to submit songs, including instrumentals.

There was an attachment in the email, which eventually led me to this YouTube video.

I watched the video and wondered which song would be appropriate for our Paralympic team. I didn’t have to think too long. This song was the obvious choice.

For the Paralympics version, I decided to add in a vocal part at the start. I recorded myself saying “One World” and then tweaked the equalizer settings to make it sound deeper.

Then I shifted all the tracks back (which took the most time, since I had to shift all the sound level settings too). I also lowered the lead guitar volume and raised the bass. Finally I removed the fade out and let the song end with piano notes.

I emailed Desmond and Jackie the MP3 file. The submission deadlines’s today, at 11:59pm. Not sure if they would want my contribution. But I enjoyed making the edits nonetheless.

To all Paralympians: Best wishes to your individual starfish stories.

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Singapore National Day music video 2008: We Can Be Heroes

I missed our National Day ‘cos I was away for this. Anyway, here’s a music video:


Produced by a Singaporean company and the National Heritage Board:

This year’s video is unique compared to those produced previously. It takes the form of an original song, written and composed by SPINN, a leading video production company in Singapore . This is the second successive year that this 11-year old company has won the pitch with the National Heritage Board (NHB) to produce the National Day video.

This 4-minute video in English celebrates the ordinary heroes in Singapore – the Singaporeans who have contributed to making Singapore what it is today – whose contributions may have sometimes gone unnoticed. It features the young, the old, those with special needs, those who have contributed to the community and the country through what they do and their selflessness.


So refreshing to have a rock sounding version for a NDP song.

And very nicely produced too. Must have taken lots of effort, judging from the production quality. I won’t be surprised if they get more jobs after this. They’re good.

Hmm… Maybe next year the NDP organisers will have a “make your own MTV” event as part of the celebrations. And make it a remix/ mashup effort too. Let people deposit video or music clips, for others to remix.

~ Ivan