Elizabeth Koh reviews One World One Moment

Got to know Elizabeth Koh recently, at a gathering of friends.

Learned from her Twitter account profile that she plays bass. So I DMed her asking if it was the orchestra bass or electric. She replied it was the latter, which she picked up while playing in her church band. Cool!

I tweeted her the link to the OWOM album.

She was nice enough to email me this review (posted with her permission):

oh my. wow. u put in so much effort in your music! Just listened to one world. Really like the melodies and the blend of electric guitar and synth. But must say that the sound is a bit too electronic, and there is no “end sound” to the electric guitar, (when it stops playing the particular note), so it becomes a bit too spacey and drifty for my taste. The bass sounds good too, but not accompanied by drums all the time, which is unusual.

Her opening words of “oh my. wow” was enough to make my day, LOL.

End sound? Hmm… gotta think about that. Adrian and I don’t have formal musical backgrounds. We just kinda create and mix the music intuitively. Musically, we’re still trying to find our unique sound. Every piece of review, comments, critique, criticism helps a lot.

Thanks Elizabeth!

~ Ivan

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